Welcome to Student Support Services


Every student in Sweetwater Union High School District will experience a meaningful, healthy, and supportive learning environment that nurtures their full potential and prepares them to succeed in school and beyond.


In collaboration with our colleagues, families, students, and community partners,  the Student Support Services Department strengthens the capacity of school communities to foster safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments that nurture high achievement and positive connections. We work purposefully to advance programs, policies, and practices that ensure every student in Sweetwater Union High School District has access to the vital resources and opportunities necessary to thrive as strong learners and leaders from the vibrant and diverse backgrounds and experiences that make up the San Diego South Bay community.







Department Contacts

Sonia Picos
Director/Title IX Officer
Email: Sonia.Picos@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Cynthia Alvarez
Senior Administrative Assistant
Email: Cynthia.Alvarez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Dean Nafarrete
Program Manager
Email: Mendel.Nafarrete@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Jeanette Neria
Administrative Secretary
Email: : Jeanette.Neria@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6037


Mental Health Services – Youth in Transition

Dr. Elvia Estrella 
Program Manager
Email: Elvia.estrella@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 407-4933
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Zeydi Villaseñor
Administrative Secretary
Email: Zeydi.Villasenor@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 407-4969


Student Welfare and Attendance/Transfers

Brenda Garcia
Assistant Principal on Special Assignment
Email: Brenda.Garcia@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564

Priscilla Camacho
Student Welfare and Attendance Technician
Email: priscillamaria.camacho@sweetwaterschools.org  
Phone: (619) 585-6017


Truancy Intervention

Jose Sanchez
Program Manager
Email: Jose.Sanchez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-4493

Monica Arellano
Office Assistant II
Email: Monica.Arellano@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6013


Health Services

Lynnette Famania
Program Manager
Email: Lynnette.Famania@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Michelle Lanasa-Bell
Nurse on Special Assignment
Email: Michelle.Lanasa-Bell@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Elizabeth Murphy
Teacher on Special Assignment
Email: Elizabeth.Murphy@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982


Adriana Cassani
Project Specialist
Email: Adriana.Cassani@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6038

Wellbeing – District Suicide Prevention

Dr. Margaret Sedor
School Psychologist on Special Assignment
Email: Margaret.Sedor@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-4440
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Multi-tiered System of Supports- MTSS

Reid Burns
Program Manager
Email: Reid.burns@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Melissa Rains
Teacher on Special Assignment
Email: Melissa.rains@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982


Open Enrollment Window for all Student Intradistrict Transfers will be open from:

January 29 – March 1, 2024

To apply for an Intradistrict please click here to go to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Job-Aid IC Parent Portal Guide: ENGLISH and SPANISH

Job-Aid: How to Submit an Intradistrict Transfer in IC Parent Portal



Information on Open Enrollment Procedures:

Graduation/Promotions 2024

Graduation and Promotion events will be held from June 3 – June 6, 2024. Please visit your student’s school website for more specific information  about graduation/promotion. Students will be able to invite 6 guests to share their big day! Any additional questions and/or needs can be addressed with your  student’s administrators.


Registration 2023-2024 School Year


  • Please ensure you have created a Parent Portal account in Infinite Campus
    • Letters will be sent out via email to parents/guardians who have not yet setup a Parent Portal account beginning March 13, 2023.
    • The letter will include information on how to create your Parent Portal account
    • Steps to create your Parent portal Account:
      • Go to your personal activation page
      • Create and enter a Username.
      • Create and confirm a Password.
      • Click on Create Account.
      • You will get confirmation message. Click on “Click here” to enter the Campus PARENT Portal login page.
      • Login using your new username and password


  • If you already have a Parent Portal account, please log in to fill out your Online Registration application. Only one application is needed per family.
    • Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and go to the Campus Portal page here:  sweetwaterschools.org
      • Please avoid using mobile devices: mobile phones and tablets
    • Login using your username and password. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot your Password?” or contact your school to have password reset.
      • . If you have not entered a new account security Email, when prompted, then confirm your email by entering it again and enter your Portal 
    • Click on the link “More” in the menu to the left of the screen.
    • Click on “Online Registration” and follow the instructions to complete your student(s) registration.
    • After you have successfully submitted your registration, you will receive an email confirmation.  Again, this does not complete the registration process.
    • You will be provided information regarding registration packets at a later date.


  • If you have any questions please contact a representative at the school.  You can find contact information for your school here: Sweetwater Schools