Welcome to Student Support Services

  • We sustain positive, equitable and safe learning environments.
  • We support school, district and community partnerships.
  • We encourage wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • We promote respect and responsibility for all.



Open Enrollment Window for all Student Intradistrict Transfers will be open from April 5 – May 7

To apply for an Intradistrict please click here to go to the Campus Portal


Information on Open Enrollment Procedures:

Graduation/Promotions 2021

We are currently finalizing plans on how we will honor our 2021  graduates. Please expect more information in the month of April.

Registration 2021-2022 School Year


  • Please ensure you have created a Parent Portal account in Infinite Campus
    • Letters will be sent out via email to parents/guardians who have not yet setup a Parent Portal account
    • The letter will include information on how to create your Parent Portal account
    • Steps to create your Parent portal Account:
      • Go to your personal activation page
      • Create and enter a Username.
      • Create and confirm a Password.
      • Click on Create Account.
      • You will get confirmation message. Click on “Click here” to enter the Campus PARENT Portal login page.
      • Login using your new username and password


  • If you already have a Parent Portal account, please log in to fill out your Online Registration application. Only one application is needed per family.
    • Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and go to the Campus Portal page here:  sweetwaterschools.org
      • Please avoid using mobile devices: mobile phones and tablets
    • Login using your username and password. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot your Password?” or contact your school to have password reset.
      • . If you have not entered a new account security Email, when prompted, then confirm your email by entering it again and enter your Portal 
    • Click on the link “More” in the menu to the left of the screen.
    • Click on “Online Registration” and follow the instructions to complete your student(s) registration.
    • After you have successfully submitted your registration, you will receive an email confirmation.  Again, this does not complete the registration process.
    • You will be provided information regarding registration packets at a later date.


  • If you have any questions please contact a representative at the school.  You can find contact information for your school here: Sweetwater Schools


Department Contacts

Sonia Picos
Director, Student Support Services/Title IX Officer
Email: Sonia.Picos@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Elizabeth Hernandez
Senior Administrative Assistant
Email: Elizabeth.Hernandez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982


Student Welfare and Attendance/Transfers

Cynthia Alvarez
Student Welfare and Attendance Technician
Email: Cynthia.Alvarez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6017

Adriana Cassani
Administrative Assistant
Email: Adriana.Cassani@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6038

Truancy Intervention

Jose Sanchez
Program Manager
Email: Jose.Sanchez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-4493

Monica Arellano
Office Assistant II
Email: Monica.Arellano@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6013


Health Services

Lynnette Famania-Martinez
District Resource Nurse
Email: Lynnette.Martinez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7593
Fax: (619) 691-5850

Jessica Amador
Project Specialist
MAA MediCal Coordinator
Email: Jessica.Amador@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982