Welcome to Student Support Services

  • We sustain positive, equitable and safe learning environments.
  • We support school, district and community partnerships.
  • We encourage wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • We promote respect and responsibility for all.

Student Intra-District Transfer Procedures For The School Year 2019-2020

Department Contacts


Sonia Picos
Director, Student Support Services/Title IX Officer
Email: Sonia.Picos@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982

Elizabeth Hernandez
Senior Administrative Assistant
Email: Elizabeth.Hernandez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982


Student Welfare and Attendance

Miriam Duggan
Email: Miriam.Duggan@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5596

Cynthia Alvarez
Administrative Assistant
Student Welfare and Attendance Technician – Interim
Email: Cynthia.Alvarez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6017


Truancy Intervention

Jose Sanchez
Program Manager
Email: Jose.Sanchez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-4493

Frances Cancio
Office Assistant II
Email: Frances.cancio@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-6013


Health Services

Lynnette Martinez
District Resource Nurse
Wellness Center and Special Services
Email: Lynnette.Martinez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7593
Fax: (619) 691-5850

Margaret McLean
District Resource Nurse
LEA MediCal Billing Coordinator
Email: Margaret.McLean1@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 585-4440

Jessica Amador
Project Specialist
MAA MediCal Coordinator
Email: Jessica.Amador@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 691-5564
Fax: (619) 407-4982